What readers are saying:

-GREAT book. Absolutely terrific! I recommend it to everyone Who wants a good love story, keep handkerchief close while you read, you'll need it. -Lucrezia D.

-I recommend reading this book if you are a love story fan. If this was a movie I would be the first to watch it. I have never read or watched a book/movie with this kind of story line so I sped read through it just so I could know what would happen next. It was definitely such a good book...Author Kathryn Ascher really did an outstanding job at describing every scene and character as the words played like a movie in my head. -Maria M.

-I loved the storyline and how the MCs,' their problems and their world was presented. And I loved how the story takes it's time to build and develop making you feel feel all the feelings right along with these two!! -Meghna S.

Hannah Murphy is over her dead fiancé. In the year since his death, she's kept herself busy and has finally discovered who she wants to be. What she doesn't want to be any longer is everyone's doormat.

Quinn Taylor has been burned in love, so he's focused on his career and his future. When the woman he's been secretly in love with since high school flings herself at him, he's thrown off balance. He's finally on the verge of having everything he wants and couldn't be happier. Just as their relationship begins to bloom, the past comes back to haunt them and old insecurities rise to the top. Can they overcome their self-doubts and move forward together? Or will their secrets separate them forever?